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The Tramway Museum Society of Victoria is a volunteer non-profit organisation, and we welcome new members interested in the preservation, restoration and operation of Victoria’s tramway heritage. Members are encouraged to assist in all areas of the TMSV’s operations.

Our Membership rate is $55.00 per annum for Full membership, $22.00 for Associate (Volunteer) membership or alternatively our Full Paid Life Membership is $550.00. A yearly surcharge of $4.40 is levied on all Full Paid Life Memberships. All fees include GST.

If you are interested in joining the TMSV, please contact us. Or download a membership form.

Volunteering is a worthwhile and fulfilling activity, and the TMSV is always in need of people willing to volunteer their time and effort.

All of our workers are volunteers, in roles such as tram drivers and conductors, kiosk attendants, track workers and tramcar restorers.

If you have trade skills, we want you: if you don’t, we still want you — we will teach you.

We now currently operate working bees to assist with the maintenance and presentation of the Tramway Heritage Centre.   Click here for more info >>

Assist us in the preservation of Victoria’s tramway heritage by joining in as a voluntary worker at the TMSV. Please contact us now, or download a membership form.

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