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We wish to advise that due to the failure of major infrastructure equipment at the Tramway Heritage Centre, we have been forced to close the museum to the public for an indefinite period until the issue can be resolved.

On Friday 22nd September 2017, it was found that the 22,500 litre large steel water tank between the caretakers house and the Exhibition Goods Shed was empty and that there was a vast amount of water lying around the immediate area. This tank provides all the usable water around the site including the Visitor Reception area, toilets and Caretakers house. It also provides the overflow to supply the larger fire tank located nearby, which is a requirement by the Country Fire Authority.


Upon investigation from a plumber, it was discovered that the base of the 22,500 litre water tank was rusted.  With the frequent change of weather recently from a mild winter and a wet spring escalated the situation.  Piping around the site has been found not to be a problem.  A new tank has been purchased, including removal of the existing tank, delivery and installation will result in the Society needing to pay nearly $4000.  The Society will be able to pay this amount, however due to our limited funds will completely deplete our reserves.  


The Society presently has limited financial resources - stretched even further as a result of not being able to open the museum to the public, thus reducing a minimal revenue.  There is also the need to renew our Insurance Policies on the buildings, trams and Volunteer workers, and the municipal rates to Mitchell Shire.  All of these are due by the end of September 2017.  This will use up all of our ready reserves and may leave the Society with a shortfall, and it has been necessary recently to repair and replace much fencing recently at a considerable cost.

We therefore make an URGENT appeal to you to give consideration to assist us financially by making a donation to the Society to overcome this crisis.  

The Tramway Museum Society of Victoria has over 40 trams in its collection, with a majority of its trams held at the Society’s, Tramway Heritage Centre in Bylands, Victoria.  We are very much in need of recruiting new members to assist in being able to allow us to preserve and operate Victoria’s Tramway Heritage for all to enjoy.

At this stage we are only accepting Cheque/Money order donations. Please address them to:

            MUSEUM APPEAL

            38 Piccadilly Crescent

Keysborough  VIC  3173


Phone: (03) 9798 6035

All donations are tax deductible.  The Tramway Museum Society of Victoria Incorporated

(A 1864 E) is a Registered Charity. (ABN) 12 739 015 600