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Our first feature wall “Tramways in Victoria” has just been set up, with a few other signs now placed on display in the Terminus Gallery.  With just over a month to go before expressions close with “Capturing a Moment”, we have received our first photos to be placed on display in the exhibition.  We hope to many more will arrive. Work will continue to set up the exhibition area as well as other works in the gallery.     

William Fedor

Marketing Manager

27 July 2017

Photo : Weston Langford Collection BATMAN AVENUE

Progress from February 2016 until now

Progress from October 2015 until now

Progress from August 2016 until now


The new Terminus Gallery will be housed inside the Bristol building that currently houses our Visitor’s Centre.  The new space will encompass a general exhibition space about the Tramway Museum Society of Victoria and it’s history involved with establishing the Tramway Heritage Centre.  There will be a temporary exhibition space that will present an ever-changing and evolving exhibit to the public. This will be followed with a general gallery space.  A new archives room and members space will also be created.  It is anticipated that the beginnings of the gallery will be open to the public during August 2017.  Keep reading below about our updates.